2016 REEL


about JB

Justin Burgan is an award winning filmmaker who is a  Knoxville native. You can find Justin living life to the fullest and always seeking the next adventure. Justin, or known by many as JB, continues to showcase his storytelling through the art of filmmaking. With his eye-catching urban and authentic style, JB finds his down time shredding mountains, waves, or trails. Justin was first fascinated with filmmaking by the idea of bringing technology into nature: two things that should not go together and provide a result that many people may never find on their own. Justin instills this on every project he touches, by finding different ways to approach each opportunity he is presented with by showcasing his films uniquely, all while bringing the adventure to your fingertips. 

Although, he’s been a filmmaker since he was a teenager, the past four years he has been doing professional work for clients via freelance. Justin brings to the table a joyful energy that is contagious to work with, all while maintaining a professional work ethic and attitude. 

Justin graduated East Tennessee State University in December of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technology: Digital Media (Visualization). Since graduation, Justin has continued to pursue freelance work as a full time gig. When Justin is not working with a client he plans to travel the world starting within the US. Justin’s dream companies to work for either freelance or full time are Redbull and Nike. He believes they have a creative edge that drives others to be more creative and passionate with what they enjoy. That fits very well for him because he believes if you find life, with what you are passionate about, just do it.