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Frequently Asked Questions
(Wedding Films)


I am so glad you are here...

Wedding Films are Investments. One of the biggest regrets of a Bride and Groom is not having a wedding film. Your investment in a Wedding Film allows me to capture and document the best day of your life so you can re-live it, over and over again! When you invest in a Wedding Film, you are investing in the documentation of memories and moments that you will have for the rest of your life. Previous clients come back years later and say their Wedding Film is one of their favorite things they decided to invest in.

“Every year gets sweeter and sweeter as we always find something new in our wedding film.”

You are investment in the documentation of all of your invited all in one place, on one day. Your investment in the memories and moments of your wedding day is something you will show your kids, your grandkids, and your great grandkids. You are not Investing in one day or one venue or one cake, but rather, you are Investing in the stories and memories that will last longer than your lifetime.

Every investment has a Return, your Return is the documentation of
intangible moments and memories that come to life via your Wedding Film.

How much is a Wedding Film Investment?

  • Investments start at: $7,500
    (For a complete list, please fill out the contact page)

What if I want more than just a Wedding Highlight Film?

  • Great question, I have plenty of hand crafted Add-On's available
    to make sure you get everything you want documented.

  • Some Add-On's include: Adventure Session, Ceremony Film, Etc.

  • Add-On's are available until 1 week prior to your wedding!

How long will you be filming on the day of my Wedding?

  • I offer ALL day coverage on every package.

How long does it take after you film my Wedding for the video to be delivered?

  • 4-6 months after the date of your wedding!
    (Every Wedding Film is Hand-Tailored in the Editing process)

Do you travel?

  • Of course! Traveling is my favorite! A small travel fee will apply outside of
    50 miles of Knoxville, TN or my current location at the time of your wedding!

Do you book Consultations prior to the wedding?

  • Yes! It is highly important to me to meet and talk with my clients beforehand. I prefer to consult over a cup of coffee prior to booking. FaceTime/Skype consultations are available as well!

  • Since some details aren't final, I talk to my clients 1 month out about details of their wedding day!

  • Because most weekends I am filming weddings/events, I devote the entire week leading up to the wedding to be readily available for all of my clients for questions and communication.

How are payments setup?

  • Payments are super easy and can be done all online or by written check!

  • A 50% signing fee will reserve the date of your wedding and goes towards the total payment.

  • The remaining 50% will be due 14 days prior to your wedding day.

Who chooses the music?

  • With every film, I base all music choices based on our experience together. After many hours together on your wedding day I get a great feel for the taste, style, and vision of your film.

  • Music is an incredible way to set the tone/story of your film.

  • Each song is legally licensed and paid for.

How is the final film delivered?

  • Every film is delivered online via Vimeo (with a digital downloadable link) and published online. Every film is delivered privately to ensure the Bride and Groom's eyes are the first to see it.
    Once ready, we will make the film public and start sharing! :)

  • Facebook and Instagram are the easiest ways to share a film and you can do so with the links provided.

  • After the final video is delivered you will receive a complimentary
    USB thumb drive with the film(s) you selected in the mail.

  • Please use these handles in tagging the video:
    @justinburgan @justinburganweddingfilms

For any other questions, please fill out the contact page below!